Natural, earth mined & untreated TOPAZ

The Color of the untreated blue Topaz varies from pale to deep blue Color.

"It`s known as the Colors of the Sky, Wind & the Sea. The untreated blue Topaz is considered to have heavenly Connections.."

Natural untreated TOPAZ.

One of the Most impressive and sough after gemstones on face of this earth in array of well defined Sky Blue colors.

Named after its locality of Topasos Island in the Red Sea. Topaz usually occurs in Pegmatites and high temperature quartz veins. Cavities in granites and rhyolites.

Deposited by fluorine-rich vapors in rocks of rhyolite composition.

Natural untreated Blue Topaz represents one of the highest investment gem on the market today. Most of the Ural Mountain mines minded these famous gems for the old royal families and Czars of Russia. Vast majority of these old mines are closed and prices are steadily climbing. Only during past 2 years price of natural blue topaz more than doubled and this trend will continue in years to come.

Current the value of untreated Blue Topaz from Russia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Brazil reached over 250 US dollars per finished carat, depend the intense of blue Color.

We are no longer able to get a good facet rough from these parts of the world. This may be your last chance to purchase these rare gems at truly lowest Price.

Please do not mistake untreated natural Sky Blue Topaz with the irradiated and heated stones offered everywhere. These so called Swiss blue, London Blue etc.. are made artificially by hard irradiation and heating process of cheaper colorless Topaz.

The rarest and most expensive Topaz Colors are in this order: ( untreated ) pink, red, blue, yellow, orange ( orange & brownish-orange are also called "Imperial Topz" ).

Still the rarest Colors of natural, untreated Topaz are pink & red. Unlike the other Colors, impurities of the rare Element Chromium prividethe amazing Color of this Stones.

Since chromium is a heavier Element, it`s unusual to find it in the same Mineral as a light Element like Fluorine.

This rare Combination makes naturally, untreated pink & red colored Topaz a highly sought Collector`s Stone.

Natural & untreated TOPAZ is one of my favourite Gemstone

The Range of different, natural Colors, the Hardness & the unique fire & sparkle make this Gemstone one of its own and unique.