" The only way to sell quality is to buy quality! "

Harald Meier, CEO Harry Meier Enterprise (1291 Diamonds & 1291 Watches)

1291 Watches of Switzerland

Our tripple "e" promise: experience, expertise & esprit

Behind 1291 watches hides a mindset about our place in the world and the desire to make a contribution. We call that "the swiss spirit". It is our passion based on the fundamental belief in continuous improvement and exceptional performance and quality. Our watches are designed for your very special and unique lifestyle. So our contribution is to satisfied and happy customers, now and in the future. Learn more about our philosophy..

From the first design of a 1291 mechanical or automatic watch to the finished product, all production-steps are executed in Switzerland.

In the spirit of swiss watchmaking tradition, we commit ourselvs to manufacture all of our watches according to the official swiss made ragulations.

Our experience, expertise and esprit gives you the knowledge of the unique spirit of swiss watchmaking in every single 1291 timepiece.

Swiss Made is our Passion and Promise

1291 Diamonds

precious Coloured gemstones

Tell us what gemstones you are looking for and we will present you with the best offer, adapted to your budget.

Our offer includes an individual selection and purchase of precious stones on behalf of the client or we can act as an intermediary in the purchase of precious, coloured gemstones.


We will find a dream gemstone for you, even at the end of the world!

Our greatest asset is direct access to raw material deposits and our international partners. We work with renowned Gemmologists & Laboratories all over the world that certify coloured stones.

"I am a passionate Gemstone & precious Metal Hunter"

Harald Meier, Switzerland. Founder & CEO of Harry Meier Enterprise, 1291 Watches & 1291 Diamonds