1291 Watches of Switzerland


It`s our Passion & Purpose to convey the original Spirit of Switzerland to you.

A traditional, independent Swiss Family Business, inspired by the importance of the Year 1291, the founding Year of the Swiss Confederation.

Trough the Fascination and in Memory of this historical Happening - the Brand 1291 Watches was proudly born in Canton Lucerne, the Heart of Switzerland.

From the first Design of a 1291 Automatic Watch to the finished Product, all Production-Steps are executed in Switzerland.

In the Spirit of Swiss Watchmaking Tradition, we commit ourselvs to manufacture all of our Watches according to the official Swiss Made Ragulations.

Our Experience, Expertise and Esprit gives you the Knowledge of the unique Spirit of Swiss Watchmaking in every single 1291 Timepiece.

Swiss Made is our Passion and Promise

Harald Meier, Switzerland. Founder & CEO of 1291 Watches